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iDaMan sPa & BeAuTy - Kajang, Bangi, Ampang


Sila Hubungi : naz 017 259 5991

Berikut adalah Pakej Spa MURAH untuk pilihan untuk anda ....

RM 35 facial + mask
RM 50 facial + treatment
RM 50 Sauna + Foot Spa
RM 50 Facial + Resdung
RM 50 facial + buang resdung
RM 60 urut kaki + sauna herba
RM 60 urut kaki + facial
RM 88 bekam darah (15 cup)
RM 88 urut badan + sauna herba
RM 88 urut badan + body scrub
RM 88 urut badan + mandi susu
RM 88 urut badan + mandi bunga
Pakej RM 99 (harga biasa RM 190)
Resdung + Bekam + Facial + Sauna + Foot Spa
Pakej RM 150 (harga biasa RM 260)
Resdung+Facial+Sauna+Bekam+MandiSusu +Lulur+ UrutBadan

RM 99 Sauna+UrutBadan+Lulur+MandiSusu+Facial
RM 150 Resdung+Sauna+facial+lulur+urut badan+MandiSusu+MandiBunga

RM 99 (harga biasa RM 200)
2xBodyScrub + 2xSauna + 2xFootSpa
RM 190 (harga biasa RM 300)
2xUrut Badan+2xBody Scrub+2xFacial+2xSauna

RM 88 Urut Badan + Urut Peranakan
RM 99 Urut Badan + Urut Peranakan + Bertungku + Body Scrub

Pakej Spa Murah di ... Kajang, Bangi, Ampang
Temujanji Call : Naz 017 259 5991

Sauna Herba - RM 25
Foot Spa - RM 25
Normal Facial - RM 25
Buang Resdung - RM 25
Urut Kaki - RM 35
Bekam Angin - RM 35
Bekam Darah (15 cup) - RM 88
Bertungku - RM 35
Facial + Mask- RM 35
Facial & Treatment - RM 50
Facial + Resdung - RM 50
Full Body Scrub - RM 50
Mandi Susu - RM 50
Mandi Bunga - RM 50
Mandi Lulur - RM 50
Urut Bersalin RM 50
Urut Satu Badan RM 50
Urut Peranakan - RM 50
Urut Keguguran - RM 50

Kursus Urut Tradisional dan Rawatan Spa
Masa : 2 hari - Sabtu & Ahad (10am - 6pm)
Lokasi : Kajang, Bangi, Ampang
Yuran Kursus : cuma RM 499 sahaja
Sijil Diberikan setelah tamat kursus
Penginapan ada disediakan (jika perlu)
Peserta akan diajarkan perkara berikut :
1. Foot Spa
2. Sauna Herba
3. Facial & Treatment
4. Bekam Angin
5. Bekam Darah
6. Rawatan Resdung
7. Urutan Kaki, Tangan dan Kepala
8. Urutan Pinggang, Bahu dan Belakang
9. Urutan Bersalin, Keguguran, Peranakan
10.Urutan Satu Badan - full body massage
11. Bertungku
12. Mandi Lulur
13. Mandi Bunga
14. Mandi Susu
15. Pakej Pengantin Baru
16. Pakej Lepas Bersalin
Maklumat Lanjut
Sila call 017 259 5991 naz

Peluang KERJAYA di Spa & Beauty Centre
- untuk wanita dan lelaki
- latihan diberikan - jika tiada pengalaman
- penginapan ada disediakan
- gaji + komisen = RM 1,000 ke RM 3,000 sebulan
call ... 017 259 5991 naz

Monday, December 7, 2009

IDAMAN HOMESTAY - call YUS 017 409 3658


Untuk Tempahan, Hubungi YUS
017 409 3658
012 457 2009

Kemudahan :

Address :

Permatang Tinggi 'B' Kepala Batas Seberang Perai Pulau Pinang

How To Find Us :

Exit from North-South Highway via Bertam/Kepala Batas

After toll, turn right heading to Kepala Batas

You can see MAYBANK on the right

At traffic light , turn right & follow the signboard to Pinang Tunggal

Go straight until you see a traffic light & a small tunnel (at the right)

Turn right and go through the tunnel & about 1 km after the tunnel
You can see "Gerai Mee Rebus Mak Long" (on the right)

OUR HOMESTAY located in front of Gerai Mee Rebus Mak Long

Facilities :

Occupancy for 5  persons
Facilities :
Gas stove, kitchen & cooking utensil, rice cooker, iron, toilet, bathroom

Other Facilities :

Plenty of groceries stores, restaurant & stall nearby

Commercial Banks, Government Offices, Sport centres, Post Office, shops, shopping complex and others facility are just 10 minutes drive to Kepala Batas Township

15 to 20 minutes drive to Penang Bridge, Seberang Jaya, Perai, Juru, Butterworth, Bukit Mertajam town, Penanti, Permatang Pasir.

Easy excess to PLUS north - south & BKE Butterworth-Kulim Expressway (10 minutes drive)
Surrounded by commercial banks, restaurants, eating stalls and other facilities.

Suitable for :

Family gathering
Wedding function
Hari Raya gathering
Working outstation
Vacation in Penang
Recrational activities
Temporary stay during business or personal occasion
Rental Rate :
RM 50 per day

Call / sms :  YUS
012 457 2009
017 409 3658 




MASSAGEMassage is one of the oldest, simplest forms of therapy and is a system of stroking, pressing and kneading different areas of the body to relieve pain, relax, stimulate, and tone the body.

Massage does much more than create a pleasant sensation on the skin, it also works on the soft tissues(the muscles, tendons, and ligaments) to improve muscle tone.

Although it largely affects those muscles just under the skin, its benefits may also reach the deeper layers of muscle and possibly even the organs themselves.

Massage also stimulates blood circulation and assists the lymphatic system (which runs parallel to the circulatory system), improving the elimination of waste throughout the body.

Benefits Of Massage:
Eases tension, stiffness, and pain.
Improves breathing.
Improves circulation.
Enhances well-being.

The Effects Of Massage:
Although a single massage will be enjoyable, the effects of massage are cumulative and a course of massage treatments will bring the most benefits.

Regular massage can have the effect of strengthening and toning the entire body mechanism, and so help to prevent unnecessary strains and injuries that might otherwise occur due to excess tension and any resulting structural weaknesses.

Massage can stimulate or calm the nervous system-depending upon what is required by the individual-and thus help reduce fatigue, leaving the reciever with a feeling of replenished energy. At its best, massage has the potential to restore the individual physically, mentally and spiritually.


Benefits For Women
Normally the uterus leans slightly over the bladder in the center of the pelvis, about one and a half inches above the pubic bone. It is held in this position by muscles, the vaginal wall and ligaments that attach it to the back, front, and sides of the pelvis.

Uterine ligaments are made to stretch to accommodate a growing fetus inside and to move freely when the bladder or bowel is full. The ligaments and muscles can weaken and loosen, causing the uterus to fall downward, forward, backward or to either side.
A uterus in any of these positions is called tilted or prolapsed. Modern medicine has little or nothing to offer women with this problem. Options may include using the birth control pill, muscle relaxants, or surgery and women are generally told, "your uterus is tipped, but that is normal and don't worry about it."

Yet women have a laundry list of physical and emotional symptoms that can be addressed and prevented with these simple, noninvasive massage techniques.
When reproductive organs shift, they can constrict normal flow of blood and lymph, and disrupt nerve connections. Just a few extra ounces sitting on blood and lymph vessels can cause havoc throughout the different systems in the body.

By shifting the uterus back into place, homeostasis, or the natural balance of the body, is restored in the pelvic area and the surrounding organs. Toxins are flushed and nutrients that help to tone tissue and balance hormones are restored to normal order.

This is essential for healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Old adhesions from invasive treatments to the pelvic and abdominal area, including fibroid tumors, endometriosis, and cesarean delivery are diminished when addressed by uterine massage.

In addition, digestion, urinary and bladder problems can be helped.

Benefits For Men
Men benefit greatly from Maya Abdominal Massage techniques as well.

By ensuring a full blood supply to the prostate, the abdominal massage helps to prevent swelling and inflammation.

Men report that they can feel a distinct difference in blood flow after a treatment. Not only does the massage relieve prostate swelling, but it helps alleviate varicose veins, premature ejaculation, some impotency problems and the need to urinate frequently.

Over the last few years, the demand for massage and other therapies involving touch in one form or another has increased dramatically.

This is not surprising, considering that many of us are deprived of something that is really a natural basic requirement and a requisite to our overall health because deep inside each human being is the need to be loved and accepted.

By way of touching we experience virtual reality and connect with our own source of power.6 We honour that within which is good and pure and words unspoken transmit our acceptance of the fact that we are all part of Nature.


Techniques Of Foot Massage
Foot massage can be performed at any time you wish or as part of a home pedicure procedure. The following illustrations depict some standard foot massage techniques that a nail technician might perform on a client during a pedicure. If you do not have a willing partner to give you a massage, never fear. These techniques are just as easily done (with some miner alterations) alone.

If a partner is involved, have the one receiving the foot massage recline against a big pillow on the sofa or bed to fully relax the entire body. Foot massage feels really great if the whole body is at ease.

If you’re going solo, find a comfortable chair, preferably one with padded arms and a foot rest, such as a recliner. Sit back, prop one foot in your lap and let the other rest extended in front of you, and massage those feet until they smile.

If using a massage oil or lotion, protect clothing and furniture with a towel or two. Rub oiled or creamed hands together vigorously to warm them before beginning the foot massage.

Complete all six steps on one foot before moving on to the other.

Step 1: Stroking. Stimulates circulation and warms the foot. Holding your partner’s foot in your hands, on the top of the foot begin a long, slow, firm, stroking motion with your thumbs, starting at the tips of the toes and sliding back away from you, all the way up to the ankle; then retrace your steps back to the toes with a lighter stroke. Repeat this step three to five times.

Step 2: Ankle Rotations. Loosens joints and relaxes feet. Cup one hand under the heel, behind the ankle, to brace the foot and leg. Grasp the ball of the foot with the other hand and turn the foot slowly at the ankle for three to five times in each direction. With repeated foot massages, any stiffness will begin to recede. This is a particularly good exercise for those of you suffering from arthritis.

Step 3: Toe Pulls and Squeezes. Toes, like fingers, are quite sensitive to the touch – this massage can be very calming. Grasp the foot beneath the arch. With the other hand, beginning with the big toe, hold the toe with your thumb n top and index finger beneath. Starting at the base of the toe, slowly and firmly pull the toe, sliding your fingers to the top and back to the base. Now repeat, but gently squeeze and roll the toe between your thumb and index finger, working your way to the tip and back to the base. Repeat these two movements on the remaining toes.

Step 4: Toe Slides. Grasp foot behind the ankle, cupping under heel. With the index finger of the other hand, insert your finger between the toes, back and forth for three to five times.

Step 5: Arch Press. Releases tension in the inner and outer longitudinal arches. Hold foot as you did in Step 4. Using the heel of your other hand, push hard as you slide along the arch from the ball of the foot toward the heel and back again. Repeat five times. This part of the foot can stand a little extra exertion on your part, just don’t apply too much pressure.

Step 6: Stroking. Repeat Step 1. This is a good way to begin and end a foot massage.

Meningkatkan prestasi seksual LELAKI
- Tahan lama ... lebih POWER
- Tambah keras, tambah sperm, tambah air mani
- tambah kesuburan.Membesarkan zakar
- Memanjangkan zakar secara berperingkat
- MAMPU Mengeraskan zakar sehingga 1.5 Jam
- ZAKAR SENANG NAIK! - Menjadikan anda bertenaga seperti KUDA
- Pancutan Air MANI atau KENCING akan lebih LAJU & PUAS
- Vimax Diperbuat dari Herba 100%, import dari Canada. Tiada kesan sampingan
- Sesuai untuk mereka yg ada masalah jantung, darah tinggi atau kencing manis.
- memanjangkan zakar sehingga 3-4 inci dan 25% ukur lilit
ORDER SEKARANG ... 1 botol 30 pil = RM190 (pos percuma)